It has been three years since we moved into the little blue house and I will admit I am content with being here. It is an old house and not much has changed over the years, so Bill and I (the forever fixers) have been upgrading rooms one at a time. Which means we are constantly under construction. Here are some of the projects we have done:

The upstairs main bathroom needed to be completely gutted because of mold, so we built a 3/4 bath downstairs to use while we worked upstairs. It ended up taking almost a year to complete upstairs (remember Bill is home only 2 days a week).
Lovely downstairs bathroom.
Disgusting, moldy main bath.

Goodbye grossness.

Hello lovely, clean newness!
It's a small bathroom, but now functions efficiently. Bill installed this amazing beadboard ceiling (as requested). He thought I was crazy but it turned out awesome. Thanks hon.
Then we added a living room closet, refinished all the oak flooring, painted, added crown molding and put in a new front door.

We put in a salad garden and grew all our lettuce, kale, spinach, chard, tomatoes and cucumbers. Awesomeness.

Bill replaced both gate walls to the backyard. He spent hours restoring the original gates (with peep hole in them). I helped too. The man brought in a few boulders too. What would a Bill Kepsel house be without huge rocks. He the Man.

Then we got Kitty. She is 8 months old now and she is a lot of fun.
That is all the counter space in this 1940's kitchen. How did the woman ever do anything? AND what's with the baby poop brown paint...YUCK! It had to go. I hated going in this room. I avoided cooking, sorry Bill.

Out ...

with the long!

NO insulation in the walls. We encountered this in the bathroom too. There was this tin foil like sheath and then the exterior walls. The entire house has plaster walls so you can imagine the mess and layers of white dust on everything. I spend every Monday cleaning (all day), then it is clean until Bill starts again on Friday. We are going on two months of this, BUT it will be worth it...I am not complaining.

We removed this wall that was in front of the stairs going to the basement. It opened up the entire room. YEAH! We will replace it with a 1/2 wall with four feet of counter and our gas stove. We also put in a new door (not shown).

The old kitchen on its way to the dump.

NEW 1/2 wall. Note that three layers of old flooring have been torn up and await new bamboo flooring.

I want to declare before I end this post, that when I say 'we', I really mean Bill. He is amazing. There is nothing he cannot do, or will not try when it comes to renovation or fixing. He saves us thousands by DIYing.
He has been starting about 8 am and goes till after 9 pm working on these projects. AND he still takes time to help his kids with their own projects. AND be a great Papa to the kiddos. I am his #1 cheerleader and I love him immensely. Thanks babe for building a great nest for me to be happy in.
One lucky woman.