LaLa Goes To London

Posted on 9:40 AM
You know your not in the 'good ol' USA, when people use words like...whilst.

In the middle of October, darling daughter Kate and I ran away to the United Kingdom. Whilst there we stayed in London, Strattford-Upon-Avon, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, then ferry ride to Ireland where we stayed in Belfast and Dublin! A whirlwind trip full of new people and cultures, great accents, yummy food, lots of cathedrals and castles, museums, theater and shopping. But of course, the best was doing it all with Katie!

Here are a few pictures of our trip:
Fish and chips...For Real!
Hot Toffee Bread Pudding!
Pudding is any cake-like dessert.

FISH and chips!
London at night from the top of the Eye!

Kate did you go to Cambridge? "Sure did"!

More coming...stay tuned.

Lovely things happening in LaLa Land.

Posted on 11:01 AM
FIVE months...five months since I've posted. I am a lousy journal keeper.
So, let's start again. Lots happening and I'll start with the most recent...

We now have a Bunny and a Kitty!

Meet Kitty or officially Kitty Hawks Good Spirit. We call her Kit. She is wonderful and we are really enjoying having her in our lives. We asked that she stay with her mom until she was 10 weeks, she is now 16 weeks and she has been a breeze to start training. She is eager to please and wonderful with the grandchildren and riding in the car.
I am happy.

Of course, we still have our Bunny, she is the best cat. She is 4 years old now and she and Kitty are ....becoming friends....sometimes.

I'll post more pictures of them playing together...when they start playing together.

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