I know ...you can hardly wait!
On Fridays I will share some of my favorite things. Why? Because I can.
First is this yummy new food I first bought at Costco. Bill and I really liked it.

It was our first time trying quinoa and now we have it several times a week. But we liked this brand and mix in particular. Costco never had it again. I did find it at the Smith's in Heber, not Price and stocked up. I like to saute a few shrimp or some chicken on the side and add a little chili sauce for a finishing spiciness.
It is also pretty good right from the package.
90 seconds in the microwave or 2 minutes on the stove.
Now that's what makes it a favorite!

This next favorite is a double-winner. Not only is the product a favorite but so is the person who gave it to me. "They" say a mom shouldn't have favorites - too bad. I do. I love and favor my girl. She is my first and my only girl and she is wonderful and I get teary eyed just thinking about how much I miss living so far from her. (kleenexplease) Anyway, she gives me the loveliest gifts and for mothers day this year she gave me this Lush body conditioner:
I know this stuff is expensive, so I try to be conservative with it, but it is awesome. When you are done showering,(but still in shower) you scoop it in your hand (consistency of yogurt) and rub it on arms, elbows, knees, legs...dry spots in particular - rinse real quick, then get out of the shower and PAT dry. It's not oily, more buttery. AND smells like roses. Soft, sweet, hint of roses - not overpowering. LOVE IT!


So these are my First Friday Favorites. 
If you get a chance, try them out!