In one of my classes this past semester the teacher asked us questions about ourselves everyday for attendance. I'm guessing it was his way of getting to know his class, but sometimes I felt it was a little invasive and sometimes I would totally make up my answer. Example: "If you could have any job in the world what would it be?" Answer, "Sample taster for Ben and Jerry's." Yes, I got some looks...part of the fun. One day though, he asked about hobbies and I was caught off guard and I said gardening, which is still not true, but not near as fun as say snake charmer. I did garden once, along time ago, when we had an half acre yard and helping hands still at home, but it has been awhile. But the idea has been on my mind. I decided to make an honest woman of myself and start a garden. I cleaned up a little area, which about killed me physically (that was honest), but  when I was done it made me happy.

This is all the junk (bathroom guttings) I cleaned out of the new garden  space.

Almost cleaned up, added rocks (we have lots) as a border. It's about 4 feet wide by 20 feet long...perfect for me to handle.

Finished. I've got kale, lettuce, spinach, chard, onions, radish,  tomatoes, cucumber - all the makings for a great salad! In about 2 months.