LaLa Goes To London

Posted on 9:40 AM
You know your not in the 'good ol' USA, when people use words like...whilst.

In the middle of October, darling daughter Kate and I ran away to the United Kingdom. Whilst there we stayed in London, Strattford-Upon-Avon, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, then ferry ride to Ireland where we stayed in Belfast and Dublin! A whirlwind trip full of new people and cultures, great accents, yummy food, lots of cathedrals and castles, museums, theater and shopping. But of course, the best was doing it all with Katie!

Here are a few pictures of our trip:
Fish and chips...For Real!
Hot Toffee Bread Pudding!
Pudding is any cake-like dessert.

FISH and chips!
London at night from the top of the Eye!

Kate did you go to Cambridge? "Sure did"!

More coming...stay tuned.

Lovely things happening in LaLa Land.

Posted on 11:01 AM
FIVE months...five months since I've posted. I am a lousy journal keeper.
So, let's start again. Lots happening and I'll start with the most recent...

We now have a Bunny and a Kitty!

Meet Kitty or officially Kitty Hawks Good Spirit. We call her Kit. She is wonderful and we are really enjoying having her in our lives. We asked that she stay with her mom until she was 10 weeks, she is now 16 weeks and she has been a breeze to start training. She is eager to please and wonderful with the grandchildren and riding in the car.
I am happy.

Of course, we still have our Bunny, she is the best cat. She is 4 years old now and she and Kitty are ....becoming friends....sometimes.

I'll post more pictures of them playing together...when they start playing together.

An honest woman

Posted on 5:48 PM
In one of my classes this past semester the teacher asked us questions about ourselves everyday for attendance. I'm guessing it was his way of getting to know his class, but sometimes I felt it was a little invasive and sometimes I would totally make up my answer. Example: "If you could have any job in the world what would it be?" Answer, "Sample taster for Ben and Jerry's." Yes, I got some looks...part of the fun. One day though, he asked about hobbies and I was caught off guard and I said gardening, which is still not true, but not near as fun as say snake charmer. I did garden once, along time ago, when we had an half acre yard and helping hands still at home, but it has been awhile. But the idea has been on my mind. I decided to make an honest woman of myself and start a garden. I cleaned up a little area, which about killed me physically (that was honest), but  when I was done it made me happy.

This is all the junk (bathroom guttings) I cleaned out of the new garden  space.

Almost cleaned up, added rocks (we have lots) as a border. It's about 4 feet wide by 20 feet long...perfect for me to handle.

Finished. I've got kale, lettuce, spinach, chard, onions, radish,  tomatoes, cucumber - all the makings for a great salad! In about 2 months.

Favorites Friday!

Posted on 4:14 PM
I know can hardly wait!
On Fridays I will share some of my favorite things. Why? Because I can.
First is this yummy new food I first bought at Costco. Bill and I really liked it.

It was our first time trying quinoa and now we have it several times a week. But we liked this brand and mix in particular. Costco never had it again. I did find it at the Smith's in Heber, not Price and stocked up. I like to saute a few shrimp or some chicken on the side and add a little chili sauce for a finishing spiciness.
It is also pretty good right from the package.
90 seconds in the microwave or 2 minutes on the stove.
Now that's what makes it a favorite!

This next favorite is a double-winner. Not only is the product a favorite but so is the person who gave it to me. "They" say a mom shouldn't have favorites - too bad. I do. I love and favor my girl. She is my first and my only girl and she is wonderful and I get teary eyed just thinking about how much I miss living so far from her. (kleenexplease) Anyway, she gives me the loveliest gifts and for mothers day this year she gave me this Lush body conditioner:
I know this stuff is expensive, so I try to be conservative with it, but it is awesome. When you are done showering,(but still in shower) you scoop it in your hand (consistency of yogurt) and rub it on arms, elbows, knees, legs...dry spots in particular - rinse real quick, then get out of the shower and PAT dry. It's not oily, more buttery. AND smells like roses. Soft, sweet, hint of roses - not overpowering. LOVE IT!


So these are my First Friday Favorites. 
If you get a chance, try them out!

Out of the dump

Posted on 8:14 AM
When we moved from our huge green house into our little blue house the big king size, mountain-timber bed frame did not fit into the new bedroom. Into storage it went and I have not had a head board on my bed. Did you know that the average interior door height is the the same width of a king size bed? It is! So when we took the door off the bathroom we were gutting and Bill was tossing the door into the dump pile, I got an idea....
I laid the door out in the spare room and removed all the hinges and knob. I gave it a quick cleaning.

For padding I cut down a foam egg-crate mattress pad I had laying around. I stapled it to the back of one side and wrapped it around to the other side.

It didn't seem quite thick enough so I added some more to the middle. The board was helping me cut straight.

Using a staple gun, I folded all the padding over the edges, pulled tight and stapled down. This required Bill helping.

Then I lifed the padded door off the horses and laid down the fabric (which matched my curtains). I had measured it to so about 6 inches on each side would overlap, tuck and then could be stapled.

I bought a button kit at Walmart (cheap) and made matching buttons. Super easy.

This part was a little tricky and I will admit I called in "the man" to help. I had the spacing but he drilled holes and using fishing line and a huge needle we "fished" through the back of the door, through the padding and fabric to the button back then puuullled it tight and secured it. AND.... 

A Headboard.

It took a couple of hours and an extra hand a few times, thank-you Bill. 

A Personal Goal Achieved...

Posted on 2:12 PM
In January of 2010 I was laid-off by the company I worked for and the reason I moved to P, Utah. To say I was bummed is an under-statement. It took a year of poor-me and a twenty pound weight gain, but I finally got up off the couch and did something. Something I always wanted to do and thought the time and opportunity had passed me by. Rather I passed by it...everyday that I drove down 300 East, four blocks from my house.
With great hesitation and trepidation, I applied for college, took the placement exams and went. It was really no big deal. I didn't get a letter in the mail saying I'd been accepted, no big fanfare or congratulations. I went over to the testing center and answered 25 questions on a computer, then the girl said go pick out your classes at the advisement office. I figured that out and that person sens me to the cashier where I wrote a check. Done. I was a college student. What had I been afraid of for thirty five years???
I completely enjoyed the classes I took and I did pretty good...

Not too shabby!
I think I'll go again, just because I can.

Catching you up on all my projects!

Posted on 11:14 AM
My girls are always telling me to post before and afters of the projects Bill and I complete (mostly Bill), so I will give you all a pictorial catch up over the next couple of days.
Yes, it has been a looong while since I have posted, but let it go...and let's have fun blogging again.
This is our most recent project. Replacing the side fence to the backyard. It used to be a waist high white picket thing that was falling over (80 years old). Next is the inside and then the finished project with shadow boxes Bill put in. Any suggestions on what to put in the boxes?

I am thinking about a collection of butterflies. 
The next picture is what the old gate looks like now (after sand blasting), we will see what Bill does with it, but the last picture is what he did with the fence on the other side of the yard and the gate looked just as bad.
He is amazing.

This weekend L and W are coming down for a visit and papa has a project for them. They are going to drill holes in the fence and put marbles in the wood. I saw the idea on Pinterest and it looked cool. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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