Is it a Kitty? No, she's a Bunny!

Posted on 10:33 PM
This is her official name. Bunny.
She is never far from me.
She is warm and squishy and
I think I will love her!

Hello kitty!

Posted on 7:31 AM
There is someone new at our house! What shall we name her?

She hasn't been out of my sight since I brought her home. She has abandonment issues. She is very cuddly and sweet. She has a deep, scratchy meow and is very playful.
I originally called her Charlie, then on the way home her pink ears made me think she looked like a Bunny. Bill says he doesn't think he can call "it" Bunny. Of course, we can all guess what he would call "it"!
In "his" defense, as soon as she was home he brought out the cat tree and then he ran around and picked up the mouse poison so "it" wouldn't get hurt AND he petted "it" this morning and let "it" get in the bed! Progress! Maybe that's what I should call her!

Papa & Lala

Papa & Lala
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