A couple days after Christmas, Bill and I took off for warmer weather.
We headed to Alamogordo New Mexico where Bill's Dad and Jackie live.
They've got a great place near the AFB, and we really enjoyed visiting with them.
They live just a few miles from White Sands Nat'l Park. What an amazing place. Then we headed to Phoenix to visit Sue and John Mullen, our winter friends (okay-year round!).
These are backwards - sorry.

Hiking at South Mountain.

See that little slit in the rock -fat man(or womans) misery!
I made it! I made it!!!!

Lovin' the 70' sunshine!

So, we are driving in the desert of New Mexico, I suddenly
I see African Oryx's roaming! What the heck? I made Ben
go back so I could get a picture. They are one of my favorite critters.
Some rich guy brought them over and they are quite happy here.

This is the entry into our future abode.

Dad and Jackie.

This is White sands. Lots of people there sand sledding.

The happy birthday couple.

This not snow...thank goodness!