Is it a Kitty? No, she's a Bunny!

Posted on 10:33 PM
This is her official name. Bunny.
She is never far from me.
She is warm and squishy and
I think I will love her!

Hello kitty!

Posted on 7:31 AM
There is someone new at our house! What shall we name her?

She hasn't been out of my sight since I brought her home. She has abandonment issues. She is very cuddly and sweet. She has a deep, scratchy meow and is very playful.
I originally called her Charlie, then on the way home her pink ears made me think she looked like a Bunny. Bill says he doesn't think he can call "it" Bunny. Of course, we can all guess what he would call "it"!
In "his" defense, as soon as she was home he brought out the cat tree and then he ran around and picked up the mouse poison so "it" wouldn't get hurt AND he petted "it" this morning and let "it" get in the bed! Progress! Maybe that's what I should call her!

Lala Land Summer in 15 Pictures

Posted on 8:29 PM

I can hardly believe summer is over, whew that was fast!
We started the summer with a great visit from Bill's brother Richard,(wife) Tami and daughter Chela with baby Landon. Dad and Grandmom Jackie were here too!

Bill took Rich and family to Arches and Canyonlands.

Next, we had a Johnson family reunion (Grandma Janice's side) in Twin Falls. Ken, Ellen, Katie, Bill and I went up to the "oh so awesome, Ice Caves".

Kendall is a hoot to be around. I love him!

Then I did my pilgrimage to Oregon for a little r&r with sister Sue. The coast was beautiful. You can't see well, but we were watching some gray whales breaching below.

Sue is THE BEST traveling partner.

This is Cape Foulweather - not today!

Then to top the summer off, we (me, Jayleb and Babes) went to check out Green River. This is the temporary Conductive Composites Company facility. Pretty bleak.

Miles of blacktop! IT'S A RUNWAY!!

Then we went into town for some free watermelon. Me and my girl chomped!

I will say Green River is delightfully small town, with delightfully odd folks!

Then out to the Future of CCC. I'm still not sure what to make of this. It has it's own kind of beauty, just not sure if this is where I want dwell.

What do you think?

This is a beach on the east side of the river. Lots of people hangin out.

And this is where people go when they die in Green River. Yes, those are above ground mounds.

These things make me Happy!

Posted on 6:12 PM

Cherries Galore! Aren't they beautiful. It was so much fun canning with Jayne and Hannah. Thanks Caleb and Bill too for the hot & heavy lifting. Now those of you who get cherry pie from me will know I REALLY love you!

One pot at a time.

A happy moment for Jonah. He's such a cutie!

So the next few pictures are why I love living in Timber Lakes.
If you ever need a get away...come visit.
Every time I leave the city, I breath deep and relax, cause I know I'm going home to this...

My backyard. Enough said.

okay, another.

A gentlemoose visitor. Taken from the deck.

Can you tell their antlers are still in velvet.

SSSHHH! What is that crazy human doing crawling on her belly across the deck to get a picture!

We have done a little landscaping. We can't water grass here, so I'm left with decorative rocks and potted plants. A work in progress.

Bill's artistic side!

My pretty front porch

Levi and I made these wall boxes. I love them.

Bill gave me these planters for Moms day.

30 Years of Daddihood!

Posted on 6:51 AM

The whole gang was up on Sunday. That makes for a very fun, noisy day.
Happy 30th Fathers Day to Bill. Didn't you have hair like Zachary's at one time?

AND happy Papa day! The best part of Papahood is sending them home (sometimes)!

OR sharing rhubarb pie!

Dad and his boyz (and Emmy).

Makes me proud! (Mom)

On Saturday, our friend Nate, let us pick his cherry tree. Even though it was raining, we scored big with the pickins. Emmy discovered tree-candy!

Thanks Kate for going up the ladder - battling the hairy cherry spiders!

Jonah are you happy? You've got books, cards, toys, drinks and yummies. Yep, he's happy for the moment!

Emmy's job was to pick out the leaves - and spiders. Thanks Ems!

Jayne was having way to much fun. Is this the mommy of two?

Where's monkey? He's in there!

This tree was awesome. I'll post the bottled results asap!

It's late...

Posted on 11:31 PM

It's late and I can't sleep, so here are some random pics from my camera. Enjoy!
The almost constant rain has made for an unusual lushness around here. Yes, this is Utah and we're loving it!

This little guy was at my house this week and was a good helper (sort of). Leland loves sweeping!

Hey Leland, you missed a spot to the left there!

Bill took this great shot from our front yard. We've been seeing lots of rainbows this spring.

Bill and I organized a 'road home' clean up day for our community. These are all the folks that showed up to help. We live in a great (clean) place! You can check us out at

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