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Merry Christmas Everyone!
Here are some of our family's special moments.
We did homemade or thrift store remake gifts this year,
this made for some hard work and good laughs!

Jayne to Levi, a handmade beautiful quilt.
Good job Jayne!

Kate to Mom, a thrift store makeover (obviously)
Thanks Kate :)

Aaaaahhhh! Emmy is easy to please!

Lala to Emmy. a princess mirror.

Emmy being Mary as we put on the nativity
and read the bible story. Leland was Joseph,
Jonah the innkeeper, papa the donkey!

playtime - all day!

Under the mistletoe!

Katie to Amanda (sweater). Awesome Kate!
(ok Amanda, you don't have to wear it again!)

Leland and his loot

Lala and her little Christmas boys! HAPPINESS!

For your viewing pleasure

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Merry Christmas Everybody!

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Here are some fun pre-Christmas pics of the house and sweet Leland playing under the tree.

Papa & Lala

Papa & Lala
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