Trip to Lake Powell

Posted on 10:18 PM

The first weekend in November, Metal Matrix rented a houseboat for an employee get away. It was great! The houseboat was comfortable, the food plentiful and the company the best! We had a ski boat for getting around to see beautiful slot canyons - even Rainbow Bridge which was amazing. We had wave-runners, fishing, snorkeling.........!

Thanks George and Cyndy for a great weekend!

Catching up

Posted on 2:14 PM
So its been awhile since i've posted and we have had some great adventures to share.

We will start with the most recent trip to Zion and work back.

Bill and I headed down to Zion with Caleb, Jayne and the kids. It was Caleb and Jayne's 5th anniversary and we went with them to watch the kids while they got some quality alone time.

Zion is so beautiful this time of year.

Happy Thanksgiving Charlie Brown!

Posted on 9:36 PM
I love Charlie Brown. Has nothing to do with this post but oh well!

Happy Holidays to All My Family!

is only four weeks away and we hope you are planning on attending the family feast!

Here's what's happening:

All the family from Oregon will be here and they are so excited to see everyone.

Kendra and Brett and their new baby Carter will be here. We will be having a little baby shower for Kendra and Carter so be sure to bring your gift for baby Carter.

Jake and Anne will be getting married Saturday and this will be our family celebration for them.

Now a few situations to be aware of… Jake and Anne's wedding is the next day, but we are choosing to celebrate on Friday and not attend the Saturday activities. Ken and Ellen are okay with this. Just let them know what your plans are. We are going to have a special cake for them and in lieu of gifts I am putting up a money tree, so bring what you'd spend on a gift and hang it on the tree.

Mom and Dad and Ilona need to be here and they'll need rides. So if you are in a position to help with this, please let me know.

Mike, Brooke and Leila are the only ones that won't be here but we are going to Skype them so that we can all see each other and tell them we love them. They have baby #2 due at the time and we are so excited for them!

The festivities begin at 2:00 pm.

Would you like to help with food? I'd love your contributions. My family is providing the meat, potatoes, rice and breads. So that means we need Ellen's pretzel salad (Bill made me add that), snacks and drinks.

Please give me a call and let me know you're plans are and for directions.

Love, Karla and Bill

Cutest Halloween Ever!

Posted on 7:40 PM
The kids looked so cute last night. Emmy was a giraffe and Jonah was...himself!! Jonah in a Whale to be exact. If you look at Jayne closely you will see that she is the ocean. It was great. Zach and Amanda, we need pics of Leland!

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