They're In!!!

Posted on 6:59 PM
Well they did it, they moved in. Here are last pics before move-in day. Pics of the finished product are forthcoming.

The most important part of helping with the house...holding Jonah.

Papa and Emmy dancing in the kitchen. She loves to dance.

House update!

Posted on 10:30 AM
Despite my mom's misgivings the house is coming along. It is really so pretty. Dad, Mom, Levi and Caleb are doing an amazing job on everything.

Kepsel Baby Boom!

Posted on 8:18 AM
Hello family, We have another new baby boy (his name is Calvin...for today). Caleb and Jayne's little one was born at 2:49 am on the 3rd of April. He was born at home with Chris the midwife and grandmas Karla and Joann (Caleb was there as well!). It was awesome to witness his birth. He is perfect. Our little Leland is 2 1/2 weeks old now. He too is perfection and he and mommy are doing great! Life is wonderful........don't ask about the house :)

Papa & Lala

Papa & Lala
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