The Kepselfam

Posted on 6:16 PM
Brotherly love! Caleb and Zachary
Uncle Levi and our favorite baby---Emmy!
For those of you 1st time visitors, here is our awesome family.Caleb, Jayne & Emmy. (back with hat) Levi, Katie, Zachary, Bill and Karla.

Trip to Seattle

Posted on 6:16 PM
Who's the prettiest flower of all?
Katie and I took a trip to Portland to visit Sue and we all drove up to Seattle. Great city!
Guess where we are?

House in Progress!

Posted on 6:16 PM
The foundation is done! Yes, it's a very long house. We are thrilled with how things are going.
The house is being built with ICF block. It's very cool stuff, easy to work with. Karla and Levi hard at work.
Break time! It's the end of May and the lake has finally thawed.

Papa & Lala

Papa & Lala
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