Posted on 5:14 PM
Emmy learning to ride a 'hog'.
Uncle Zachary's loving influence.... scary!

Posted on 4:54 PM

Emmy is now 13 months!

We have a hole!

Posted on 4:28 PM
Here is our new home site. Yes, it is April and the lake is still frozen. We will be at 7400 ft. I never will bake again! That is the Wasatch Mountains in the background.

We have a hole! The excavation has started and we are so excited!

We're in Action!

Posted on 9:44 AM
Yeay! This is working! Hello family and friends. I am learning to 'blog'. This is a pretty exciting time in mine and Bills life. We are building a house in the mountains above Heber Valley. It will be an adventurous summer. Our children all live near by and together we are bulding the house ourselves. Caleb and Jayne have recently moved to the valley and Levi is quitting his construction job to work on the house full time.
We will keep you posted on what's happening. In the meantime, Caleb, Jayne, and Emmy (and Zachary) live with us. There home will be ready to move into mid-April. SO, I will post pictures of our little Emmy, whom we just can't get enough of.

Papa & Lala

Papa & Lala
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