Bill's Surprise Party!

Posted on 8:13 AM
We threw a surprise birthday for Bill on Saturday. He turned the big 50 this year. We had a wonderful time and I think that he was actually surprised.


Posted on 2:40 PM
Christmas Eve was spent at Katie's house. We were supposed to go to Ken's house, but blizzard conditions kept us in Heber Valley.
It was great having everyone together!
Zachary, Mandie and ?
Emmy found salsa in the fridge and was chowing down! Sue, note the socks!
Christmas morning we all gathered at Caleb and Jayne's. Emmy was mesmerized by her new aquarium.

Posted on 2:34 PM

Winter has arrived!

Posted on 5:29 PM
Just in time we finished the exterior. I'm thrilled with how good the board and bat look. We still have to put a railing on the deck and the downstairs deck we'll finish in summer. We have a lot of landscaping to do and there will be rock along the bottom about 18" high.
This is the place! It's a little bare, but it looks a house.
This is Emmy's happy place. Grandpa's lap! Watching Lion King!

Posted on 2:26 PM
Hello to all! We have had the best weather for building, which is good because it is going really slow. We have the deck on and we are starting on the exterior wood.

This is turning out to be a pretty big house --- a great family gathering place.

Can you guess what color we are doing the outside? Karla's favorite color! Pictures soon!
We have a new neighbor. He is nocturnal and has BIG claws! A badger, just feet from our back door!

Girls getaway to Jackson Hole

Posted on 12:39 PM
This past weekend me and my girls escaped to Victor Idaho. We stayed at one of Kt's residence club cabins (yes, a 3000 sq.ft. cabin). It started snowing right after we arrived and continued all day Saturday so, poor us, we just cuddled up and read by the fire, soaked in the jacuzzi tubs, ate yummy stuff and entertained Emmy. A great,relaxing weekend.
Emmy wore out on our one outdoor adventure!
The little cabin!
Beautiful, just beautiful!

Jayne read the entire book Twilight, much needed mommy-to-be time!
Emmy was adventerous in a box!

Zachary Vaughn and Amanda Kepsel

Posted on 9:09 AM
It was a beautiful day for a wedding! Everything was perfect for Zachary and Amanda's big day.
This was the first time she saw her ring. Zachary had a pearl (her favorite) set in a white gold setting. It was just what she wanted.

A great day for the whole family!

A family effort

Posted on 9:17 AM
You will have to view these happenings backwards, the picture below is the result of an all day effort to get all the octagon central support beams up. We hired a crane (and guy) to lift the tree in place and then scaffolding was placed around the 16ft. tree and the precision cut (thank you Levi) beams were lowered on top of the treee and secured with strapping and custom made iron brackets. You'll see in one picture where Zachary was on top of the scaffolding awaiting the next beam to be lowered when a huge bolt of lightening hit right over us. You never saw a quicker descent of man and crane. A short break was needed to get our breaths back then the sun came out and the job was finished! Thank to all my guys, Matt Pettit too!
I hope that is a strong tree, alot is resting on it! Good job Levi!
Bill and Zachary securing beams.
Zachary and Amanda are getting married! We are very happy for them and welcome to the family Amanda!
Zachary and Amanda have been dating for several years. We are exctied they have decided to get married and be together forever.

Posted on 2:02 PM

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